What is the

Best Coffee Substitute

To determine the best tasting coffee substitute, our panel of tasters purchased and drank from the top existing coffee alternatives currently on the market.

* Teeccino
  This one has the biggest marketing team behind it, and have done their homework as far as getting on store shelves. But is their taste any good? Our panel of tasters rated it a B overall. They found the taste a little "tinny", and not enough of a rich coffee like brew. It basically tasted like a coffee wannabe...not a real coffee substitute.

* Raja's Cup
  This one scored a B+ overall. It brewed nicely, but had a bitterness which was a bit overwhelming to some tasters.

* Ayurvedic Roast
  This one received an A– for an overall balanced taste composition and brewing abilities. Not too bitter, not too sweet. A true coffee substitute. To visit their site click here.